Homeschool Curriculum: Learn the Tools to Successfully Teach at Home

While parents and kids are at the heart of homeschooling, curriculum might be the backbone.

What is Homeschooling? Homeschool is precisely what the name suggests: a family educating their child(ren) at home. It’s a broad term that implies no specific teaching or learning style.

Types of Homeschool Curriculum

You might be a traditional homeschooler if you envision something like a public school curriculum but in a more relaxed, intimate setting.

Traditional curriculum

Types of Homeschool Curriculum

Finland makes headlines for the quality and outcomes of their public school system more than any other country.

Unit studies curriculum

Types of Homeschool Curriculum

This approach is designed to cultivate students’ love of learning and curiosity as they explore various topics across the humanities, sciences, and arts.

Charlotte Mason curriculum

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