What Not To Do During Pregnancy For A Relaxing Pregnancy – Parody

Don’t Stress!  

And of course, since the last thing you want during pregnancy is another list of advice, here’s yet another list of things you should definitely do during pregnancy.

Who needs protein when you can have Oreos and ice cream? As one mom put it, “yesterday I ate half a pack of Oreos plus some ice cream and today I had no protein at all.

Eat All the Junk Food You Want

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As one mom suggested, “pluck out the tips that are useful to you and mute what starts to get at your mental health.” Or just eat the book for some extra fiber.

Ignore Self-Help Books

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As one mom pointed out, “if you ate half a pack of Oreos you had approximately 8g of protein, and that’s without the ice cream!”

Don’t Stress About Protein

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As one mom shared, “I had hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) and pretty much only ate teddy grahams and red gatorade with my first.

It’s Okay to Eat Junk Food

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