DH? LO? 11 Phrases and Names Women Use That Give Other Moms the Ick


One person shared that they hate the term "kiddos," finding it to be a dumb term that they've always hated. 

"Momma" or "Mama"

Another person shared that they hate being called "momma" or "mama" by anyone other than their husband or child, as it makes them feel like they're losing their identity. 


"The term preggers just gives me the ick. The thing is it takes the same amount of effort as saying pregnant." 

"Baby Dance"

"Online in the 'trying to conceive' forums, people commonly use “baby dance” to refer to the act of trying to conceive and I find it so weird." 


“Hey mama!” “You’re doing great, mama!” “You got this, mama!” Basically anything from another adult woman calling a mom “mama”"

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