In-laws are demanding that she pay them after she declined to do them a favor.

The Backstory

According to the woman, she agreed to house and pet sit while her boyfriend’s parents were out of town. The boyfriend gave his parents a ride to the airport but forgot to tell her that their flight back was on Friday, not Saturday.

Despite the woman’s boyfriend arranging for a driver to pick up his parents, they were still unhappy and demanded $200 for the ride.

“Friday I am committed to picking up a mutual friend from surgical center and I am to stay with him for at least 4 hours, so I may or may not be able to get them but there will be a car there one way or the other.”

What Others Are Saying Many came to the woman’s defense, with one suggesting, “bill them minimum wage for house & pet sitting & see how they respond!”

One person stated, “They weren’t entitled to a ride from you even if you didn’t already have plans, but you had a very important prior commitment. You are not responsible for their poor planning.”