How To Cut Your Own Hair at Home

Savings in Style:

You can have a new haircut without leaving the house with the proper tools, techniques, and tips hairstylists are happy to share.

Is It Possible To Cut Your Own Hair?

Whether you’re looking to trim split ends, maintain your current style, or experiment with a fresh look, understanding the process of self-haircutting is essential.

The Process of Cutting Your Hair Yourself

First, prepare the tools you will need for this DIY haircutting. The key is to use the right tools. Here are some you might require:

Step 1: Assemble What You Need

Before cutting your hair, consider shampooing and conditioning it. Dirty and oily hair tends to stick together, resulting in an uneven finish.

Step 2: Prepare

Divide your hair in half from ear to ear and tie or pin the top half up. Then section the top half and bottom half into more sections.

Step 3: Split Your Hair

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