Cute Nursing Necklace for Your Baby

A nursing necklace is something that you as the breastfeeding mom will wear around your neck for your little one to fiddle with while breastfeeding.

What is a nursing necklace for? A nursing necklace is for any mom that has ever felt the pain of their nipple being yanked by their little one as they were breastfeeding

Are nursing necklaces safe? Yes, Nursing necklaces are very safe to use and may save you a few strands of hair and also save your sanity.

Why do breastfed babies twiddle? According to The Guardian, breastfed babies twiddle the other nipple to help release more oxytocin, which in turn helps mom make more milk.

Why not wear a regular necklace? Regular necklaces aren’t made specifically for baby to fiddle with, and may even be dangerous and a hazard for baby to play with.

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