Cringe Millennial Stereotypes from Zoomers' Point of View

Not Progressive Enough

Some younger generations believe that millennials are not progressive enough, but millennials argue that they have been fighting for social justice for years 

Weird Taste in Memes

"I’ve heard from my Gen Z coworkers that they think millennials use the laughing emoji a lot, that we have weird taste in memes and are stuck in the “old days” of the internet" 

Overuse of "LOL"

"I've heard that the use of "lol", especially the overuse of it, is a Millennial thing, and I definitely feel called out by that. It took all that I had not to end my previous sentence with "lol", btw." 

Obsessed with the 90s

Millennials are often accused of being obsessed with the 90s, with younger generations finding this fixation on the past strange. 

Likes Avocado Toast and Coffee

"Likes avocado toast, drinks a lot of coffee, obsessed with their pets, lazy, uses laughing emoji a lot" 

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