The Only Baby Shower Checklist You Need to Plan For A Super Fun Baby Shower

Well look no further, this baby shower checklist has you covered, and will let you know all the things you need in order to have a fun, successful, and stress free baby shower.

Create Your Baby Registry

First on the list is to create your baby registry, and put in all the items you and your baby need. Have no idea what to put in your baby registry?


Before anything else, don’t forget to send out invitations to your baby shower. I suggest sending out invitations a few months up to at least one month before your baby shower.

Baby Shower Games

So this one isn’t necessary an essential, and if you don’t want to have games at your baby shower, then that’s totally up to you.

Food and Refreshments

Just make sure you have some vegetarian options, and some healthy options for those that have dietary restrictions.