Everything you need to know about throwing a baby shower

No matter the era, throwing a baby shower can be a fun and exciting way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new baby, but it can also be a daunting task.

Choose the right venue, but check out the extras Mood is everything. The right venue will help set the tone for your party. It should be comfortable, spacious, and have enough parking for all the guests.

Pick a fun theme or keep it simple The theme should be relevant to the baby and parents-to-be. It can be anything from a gender reveal to a nursery rhyme theme.

Send out invitations—and don’t forget the registry It’s also common for baby showers to include gift registries. If the parents-to-be have registered for gifts, including the information on the invitation.

Plan fun games and activities These can include diaper-changing races, guessing the baby’s weight, and decorating onesies. Another fun game is baby photo guessing.

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