Complete Hospital Bag Checklist for Expecting Mothers

The Complete Hospital Bag Checklist

When Should I Have My Hospital Bags Packed? You never know when your baby will come, so many new parents don’t like waiting until the third trimester to pack their hospital bags.

What Should You Pack for Yourself?

Maternity Clothes Comfortable, lightweight clothing is the first thing you should pack in your hospital bag.

What Should You Pack for Yourself?

Toiletries The hospital will provide towels, hand soap, and other essential toiletries, but your hospital won’t give you comfort items or luxurious hotel towels.

What Should You Pack for Yourself?

Bedroom Items The hospital bed and hospital pillows tend to have scratchy, starchy consistency.

Postpartum Care Products 

The hospital or birthing center will have items you need, but bringing your own nursing pads and sanitary pads isn’t a bad idea.

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