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Child-Free For A Reason: People Share Why They Don't Want Kids

Childhood Experience

One person on Reddit said she grew up helping to raise younger siblings or had other caregiving responsibilities, leaving them feeling "all mothered out." 

World Concerns

Another said they don't want to bring children into the current or future world due to concerns about climate change, political instability, or other issues. 

Stress and Responsibility

Some people are not interested in the stress, responsibility, and dedication required to care for children, especially after a long day at work. 

Some people simply don't have a desire to have children and don't see themselves as parents. 

Lack of Desire

One person said she enjoys the peace, quiet, cleanliness, and free time that comes with not having children. 

Peace, Quiet, and Money

Lack of Parental Instinct

Another said they don't have a strong parental instinct and don't feel the desire to have children. 

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