Bride Refused To Allow Her Mother-In-Law To Do This To Her Wedding

Woman Plans Her Wedding The woman begins her story by saying, “I am planning a wedding where all of the family will be invited given they have a relationship with myself or the groom.

“My fiancé’s family immigrated from another country, so unfortunately many of those still living abroad were not able to afford/coordinate the trip to the US for our wedding,” says the bride.

“It’s understandable that many of my MIL’s relatives can’t travel from abroad for our wedding, so our guest list has been reduced to about 140 people,” said the bride-to-be.

Others Agree With The Bride One person said, “It’s your fiancé’s and your wedding not hers. It’s your special day with your husband.."

“She is going behind your back and hounding her son about it after he told her to talk to you about any details. Be careful of her in the future. She may keep doing these sorts of things, trying to get her way.”

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