Boomer In-Laws Make Unreasonable Demand After She Picks Them Up From The Airport

Confused Cathy

According to Cathy, she agreed to house and pet sit while her boyfriend’s parents were out of town. 

Flight Change

Cathy’s boyfriend gave his parents a ride to the airport, and she had initially agreed to pick them up when they were originally going to come back, which was on a Saturday. 

Boyfriend Arranges For His Parents Ride Back Home

Despite the Cathy’s boyfriend arranging for a driver to pick up his parents, they were still unhappy and demanded $200 for the ride. 

In-Laws Are Wealthy

Cathy explained that the in-laws are wealthy and spend money on expensive vacations and trinkets without a second thought, which is why she doesn’t understand why they demanded her to pay for their car ride back home. 

They Called Her A Lazy Mooch

Despite their son arranging for their ride back home from the airport, they still called Cathy and her boyfriend “lazy, not dependable and mooches.” 

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