He Blames Their Financial Hardship On Her Postpartum Anxiety

Having a baby can be a challenging time for any new parent, but for those who experience postpartum anxiety, the challenges can be even greater.  

Cheryl Gives Birth

Cheryl recalls the beginning of her anxiety. “My son is about to be three in the fall. He was born premature, had a 2 month long NICU stay, and two surgeries his first year of life,” Cheryl said.

Struggles with Postpartum Anxiety

“I was a stay at home mom that was in a fog, sleep deprived, and overwhelmed by the constant needs of my baby and by exclusively pumping as our baby couldn’t latch.” 

Impact on Relationship

“I noticed my partner retreat inward, and was more to himself,” Cheryl added. “ut I was so focused on our baby that I related it to other issues.”

Cheryl Helps Herself

Cheryl notes that she tried to help herself to improve her mindset. She did research on how to control her anger, started meditating and went back to work part-time.

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