Billionaire Daughter’s  

Accessories Cost More Than Some People’s Student Loan Debt

Emily Abraham, more commonly known as ‘Billionaire’s wife’ on tiktok, has amassed quite a following on the social media platform.  

Many of her videos have over 100K views, with some videos having gone viral with more than a few million views.   

This particular video has amassed    likes, and has the comments turned off, presumably to avoid showing comments from people that are undoubtedly less ecstatic 

6.9 million

Another video that’s gained  views is a skit that begins with Emily coming into the room to tell her husband that she’s had a fight with their daughter.

7.8 million

One person commented, “It was over for you the day you gave birth”, which in itself has 13.9k likes. This resonates with girl moms when the inevitable happens and their daughter becomes daddy’s girl 

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