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Best Way To Teach Financial Literacy To Children - According To Experts

Practical Experience

The best way to teach financial responsibility is through practical experiences. Give children a small allowance and guide them in dividing it for spending, saving, and sharing.  

Leading By Example

The best ways to introduce financial responsibility to children include leading by example, giving allowances, encouraging saving and charitable giving, opening bank accounts, and involving kids in household budgeting and shopping decisions. 


An effective way to engage young people in financial education is through gamification – a great example of this is Visa’s Financial Football, a fast-paced, interactive video game that helps teach financial concepts or all ages. 

One idea that people overlook is the idea of gifting stocks for birthdays and celebrations rather than toys that cause clutter. 

Gifting Stocks

You can also buy them gift cards to Stockpile which allows you to buy fractional shares of big ticket stocks they may be more excited about like Amazon or Disney. 

Gift Cards

Keep It Positive

Keep it positive and keep it entertaining, but don’t be afraid to tell your kids the hard truths and realities of finances. They can handle it; they’re smarter than you think. 

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