22 Awesome Baby Shower Venues

Whether you are the mom-to-be at the helm and planning your own baby shower, or you expect to be surprised, here’s a list of the best baby shower venues that you might like to consider when planning your baby shower.

What are baby showers and why have one? Baby showers are fun events that bring loved ones together to celebrate the expecting mother and her soon to be child.

Who organizes the baby shower? According to Parents.com, baby showers should be hosted by a friend or distant relative (like a cousin or an aunt)

When should I have my baby shower? As a general rule of thumb, baby showers are usually held a month before the baby is due.

How much do baby showers cost? Baby showers can be as low-cost or as expensive as you want it to be!

Who pays for the baby shower? The person organizing the baby shower typically foots the bill.

Where can I host a baby shower? After spending hours scouring the internet, searching for terms like ‘baby shower venue near me’, you’ve found yourself here

22 Awesome Baby Shower Venues:

1. Outdoor Park 2. Home of Baby Shower Host 3. Virtual Baby Shower 4. Home of the Expecting Parents 5. Home of a Friend 6. Parents of Expecting Parents 7. Drive-By Baby Shower 8. Banquet Hall 9. Club house 10. Restaurant Private Room 11. Book The Whole Restaurant!

22 Awesome Baby Shower Venues:

12. Farm/Barn 13. Apartment Rooftop 14. Community Hall 15. Airbnb 16. Lakeside 17. Beachside 18. Ski Resort 19. Golf Course 20. Botanical Gardens 21. Hotel Conference Room 22. Backyard

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