The 6  Best Baby Led Weaning  Book To  Help Your Get Started

Get started with baby-led weaning, and here are the books you might want to choose from.

1. The Super Easy Baby Led Weaning Cookbook

2. Simple & Safe Baby-Led Weaning

3. Baby-Led Feeding

4. BLW Baby Food Cookbook

5. Baby-Led Weaning, Completely Updated and Expanded Tenth Anniversary Edition

6. The Baby-Led Weaning Cookbook

Frequently asked questions about baby led weaning

Is there any evidence for baby led weaning? According to this study, children that were introduced to solids using BLW are less picky with their food, and had better appetite control than their spoon-fed counterpart.

Frequently asked questions about baby led weaning

What’s the best food to start baby-led weaning? According to Yummy Toddler Food, some of the best first foods for baby led weaning are: – Sweet potato wedge – Melon slice

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