Bad Toupees And Office Affairs: You Think We Don't Know, But We Know

Having an Affair with a Co-Worker

People who are having an affair with a co-worker often think they're being discreet, but others can pick up on the body language and tension between them.

Compulsive Lying

People who compulsively lie often think they're getting away with it, but others can usually tell that their stories are exaggerated or untrue. 

People who have body odor may not realize it, but others can often pick up on the smell. 

Body Odor

People who are disinterested in a conversation or activity may try to hide it, but others can often sense the lack of engagement in their body language and facial expressions. 


Surfing the Internet at Work

People who surf the internet at work may think they're being sneaky, but others can often tell by the way they're looking at their computer screen or how quickly they switch tabs. 

Floral Pattern
Floral Pattern


People who smoke may think they're covering up the smell with perfume or gum, but others can often still smell the smoke on them. 

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