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Are You A Trad Wife? 12 Characteristics That Define A Trad Wife

Traditional Gender Roles

A trad wife is a woman who embraces traditional gender roles and believes that a woman's primary role is to take care of the home and family. 

Domestic Skills

They are often skilled in cooking, cleaning, and other domestic tasks. They take pride in creating a comfortable and welcoming home for their family. 


A trad wife is often seen as submissive to her husband. She believes in respecting her husband's authority and making decisions based on his preference 

A trad wife dresses modestly and conservatively. She believes in maintaining a certain level of decorum and propriety. 


A trad wife places a strong emphasis on family values. She believes in spending quality time with her loved ones and making family a top priority. 



A trad wife often has strong religious beliefs and values. She believes in living a life based on her faith and values. 

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