First-time mom speaks out: Why it’s impossible to meet parenting standards

One woman shares her distress about how insane the parenting standards have gotten over the years.

Parenting Standards According To Social Media As a mom of an eight month old baby, the original poster (OP) is naturally concerned about how she should raise her child. And because our social media is tailored to our tastes, her social media accounts are filled with the ‘do’s and don’t of parenting.

Social Media is The Culprit Many people agree that social media tends to have a similar effect on everyone: it makes you feel inadequate and gives impractical and impossibly high standards.

Listen To Your ‘Mommy Instinct’ One woman said that unsubscribing to mommy influencers has made a massive difference for her, as well as not listening to people’s advice unless they came from her pediatrician or close family.

“I started ignoring any advice besides that of my pediatrician and the parents in my family that I trusted two months into motherhood. For the most part, I try to trust my instincts and I’ve unsubscribed to “mommy”‘ content,” she said. “It helps”

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