Are HOA's Evil? 8 People Share How They Really Feel About Living in a Home with a Mandatory HOA


Modern Houses and Neighborhoods

"Nowadays if you buy a brand new house or a modern house (built in 2000 or newer) then you'll most likely have an HOA (at least in my part of the country)...."

Mandatory HOAs

"In North Carolina, HOAs are mandatory in developments with a certain amount of homes. That should be illegal. There's no logical reason why this should be mandatory...."

Depends on the HOA

"Depends on the HOA. Mine doesn’t care about most things but maintains landscaping and the community pool, which is all I care about."

Avoid HOAs

"Don't do it! Buy an old house and remodel as you go!

Quality of Construction

"I’ve owned three houses, one built in the 70s, one built in the early 90s, and one built in 2006...."

Unregulated Market for Lawyers

HOAs are an unregulated market for lawyers to take property for dirt cheap and sell it back to themselves or other people.

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