Are Canadians Actually All Nice? Debunking the Myth

While Canadians may be polite, there's a difference between being polite and being nice. "Polite and Nice are different things. But yes overall we are,"  

Polite vs Nice

Canadians are known for being friendly and giving compliments, even to strangers. "I moved from Germany to Canada and the difference is huge," one person responded.


"My experience is that maritimers and Newfoundlanders are largely genuinely nice people. But I have found warm and generous people all over Canada," one person recalls.  

Regional Difference

The Canadian Shuffle is a common occurrence where two people both try to be polite and move out of each other's way. 

The Canadian Shuffle

Canadians are known for apologizing, often excessively. "If it's not a triple sorry it's not really Canadian." 


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