Are Baby Boomers Less Interested in Being Grandparents? The Internet Weighs In


One person said, "My parents and their cohort friends just seem overly concerned with boundary setting and their own self-interests in grandparenting as opposed to helping raise and nurture their grandchildren.

Generational Differences

Someone else pointed out, "As a member of Generation X, I'd like to remind you that they weren't too keen on raising us either.  

Seeing Both Sides

Another share a perspective from the grandparents' side. "I have seen a lot of people talking about grandparents' 'involvement', when they mean they want every drop of the grandparents free time devoted to the grandkids.  

All About Culture

Grandparents' attitude towards caring for their grandkids may also have something to do with culture.  

Are They Retired?

Another made a good point about how much time grandparents' have to devote to grandkids. "My in-laws are retired, my Dad isn't, so they have much more time to devote to their grandkids. 

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