Annoyed And Impatient: He Acts Like A Spoiled Teenager When He Has To Take Care Of His Child

He Acts Like A Teenager

Charlotte complains of how her husband acts like a teenager when he has to parent. She said, “just as an example, when helping our 5yo with her bedtime routine, he honestly acts like a surly teenager.

Child Begs Mom To Do Bedtime Routine

It has gotten so bad that her daughter begs her to do the bedtime routine with her instead of her dad. However she said, “a lot of the parental labor is on my shoulders alone.

Constant Criticism

“Sometimes I get so frustrated listening to him nitpick and harp on her incessantly,” Charlotte said. She also gives an example of how her husband would react towards their daughter: “‘Do that instantly.

Charlotte Tries To Communicate

“I have tried talking to him about this several times,” Charlotte said. “We sit down, we have a serious discussion, and every time it ends the same way.

Others Suggest Reading Parenting Books

Many weighed in on Charlotte’s situation. One person said, “Have you guys ever read and agreed on a parenting book? Like “how to talk so little kids will listen”.

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