The Best Age-Appropriate Chores for Kids of All Ages!

What Age Can Kids Start Doing Chores?

Believe it or not, preschool age is a good time to start doing things around the house.

Does It Make It Easier To Implement Chores With A Routine? 

Yes. Developing a routine will help you and your family stay on a great schedule with cleaning and organization.

How Do You Decide What Chores Are Age Appropriate for Your Child?

You can decide based on what you think your child can do. We have compiled a list of age-appropriate chores below to help.

How Do You Decide How Many Chores Your Child Should Have?

You can decide how many chores your kids can do based on how long it will take them to complete and how much help they need to complete them when they are new.

How Should You Plan To Implement This With Your Child?

It is best to plan a week ahead. Everyone in the family will have tasks that will be the same every week, making weekly prep more manageable.

How Can You Make This an Easier Experience for Everyone?

It is no secret that your kids may not be happy about doing chores. As a parent, going through a tiring day and then coming home and fighting with your kids about doing their tasks can be frustrating.