After Returning From A Sleepover At Her Neighbor's House, The Mother Is Shocked To See Her Daughter

Mother’s Instinct

“Over the weekend my 11yo daughter went to our neighbor’s place for a sleepover. Our neighbour’s daughter is 13 and she also invited two other friends who are 14 and 15,” the mother said.

As what often happens, a mother’s instinct is correct. “My initial feelings were proven correct when my daughter came home,” the mother said.

It was clear that the young girl had been influenced to partake in the piercing by the older teenagers, and the mother was rightly concerned.

Others Weigh In

“She went in with 2 piercings and came back with 10??? Done by teens? Not ok at all,” one person commented..

One person wondered if the girl had been taken advantage of being the youngest of the girls. “Do all of the other girls also have 7-10 new piercings from this gathering?

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