How To Have a Glow-Up: 12 Tips To Help You Experience a Total Transformation

#1. Figure Out Who You Want To Become Through Journaling

One of the most important aspects of starting the glow-up process is figuring out who you want to be when you emerge on the other side.

#2. Reinvent Yourself With a New Wardrobe

Glow-ups come in many forms, but most associate them with physical changes you undergo over time.

#3. Make It a Priority to Exercise More

Getting enough movement throughout the day is something that many struggle with, and it can make them feel bad now and in the future if it causes any health complications.

#4. Consider Tapping Into Your Spiritual Side

Discovering how to have a glow-up and executing it are two different things. The latter requires tremendous willpower, and turning to spirituality could help in this department and beyond.

#5. Nourish Your Body With Healthier Food

You are what you eat, and it can be easy to feel not-so-great about yourself if you fill your diet with foods that aren’t supporting your overall health and wellness.