A Tale of Two Snow Whites: Comparing the Disney and Daily Wire Films

Casting and Crew

Disney has assembled Hollywood talents like Rachel Zegler and Gal Gadot, while The Daily Wire features their very own talent, actress and youtuber Brett Cooper, in the lead role.

Story and Themes

Disney is promising a "fresh perspective" with many changes to the original film, as Zegler deems the 1937 movie 'outdated'.  

Production Detail

Disney's $100M+ budget dwarfs Daily Wire's $25-30M. Disney filmed in the UK, while Daily Wire's locations are TBA.

Release Plan

Disney sets a March 2024 theatrical debut. Daily Wire is eyeing 2024 but no date yet, planning distribution through their platform instead of in theaters. 

Political Differences

As a conservative outlet, Daily Wire's version is seen as a rebuke to Disney's "woke" adaptations. Disney faces criticism from both left and right over representation changes. 

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