Summer Bucket List for Everyone To Make Everyday Count

So whether you’re an adult, a teen, or just looking for fun with a friend, try these summer bucket lists for a summer you’ll never forget.

Summer Bucket List for Adults

1. Go on a whale-watching tour 2. Swim with dolphin 3. Cross the Sahara desert on a camel caravan 4. Throw a BBQ party 5. Go on a sunrise adventure in a hot-air balloon

Summer Bucket List for Teens

1. Build a treehouse 2. Bike across your state 3. Learn to skydive 4. Participate in an archaeological dig 5. Experience the thrill of base jumping

Summer Bucket List for Kids

1. Lunar eclipse camping adventure 2. Grow a garden from seed to harvest 3. Visit a zoo or aquarium 4. Attend a rocket launch 5. Take a beginner’s horseback riding lesson

Summer Bucket List With Friends

1. Experience a helicopter tour over a majestic natural landscape 2. Spend a night in an underwater hotel 3. Spend a week in a secluded wilderness cabin 4. Complete a cross-country road trip in a vintage vehicle 5. Organize a charity sports tournament

What’s on Your Summer Bucket List?