90's Slang That You Haven't Heard In Decades Because They Are So Outdated

All That and a Bag of Chips

This phrase was used to describe someone who was confident and attractive. It's rarely used today, and if it is, it's often used in a sarcastic way. 

Talk to the Hand

This phrase was used to dismiss someone or tell them to stop talking. If you use it today, people will automatically think you're a boomer. 

Da Bomb

This phrase was used to describe something that was really cool or amazing. It's super cringe to use today so don't even dare. 

As If

This phrase was used to express disbelief or to dismiss someone's opinion. 


This phrase was used as a greeting or to ask someone how they were doing. Nowadays people just say 'what's up?', or 'how's it going?' instead.

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