9 Reasons Why She Thinks Her Inlaws Are Nuts – Are They Crazy Or Just Excited?

Didn’t Leave The House

So that meant I was in the house with them for 12 hours everyday while my husband worked during the day. 

Gawking Over Baby Bassinet

When they were here they would just sit over the baby’s bassinet all day and stare at him and making noises so much that they would keep him awake. 

Overstaying Their Welcome

They also kept saying that it was up to me when they would go home because they did not buy a return flight home 

A few things that really rubbed me the wrong way while they were here was how my MIL would constantly come up to me asking if she wanted me to hold the baby. 

Flight Path

Always Want To Hold The Baby

Interrupting Conversation

Whenever we would have friends over she would literally step in front of me while I was talking to check the baby’s diaper.

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