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9 Super Fun Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy

Now that you’ve found out you’re pregnant, you’re probably trying to find ideas on how to announce the good news to everyone you know!

When should you do a baby reveal announcement?

This can vary from couple to couple, and truthfully, this all depends on you. But a few things that you might consider that may affect your decision are:

Involve Your Children

If this is your second, third, or fourth pregnancy, why not include your child/children in your pregnancy reveal to add a fun twist to the baby reveal announcement?

Involve Your Pets

Got fur babies? There’s nothing cuter than pets announcing that they’re expecting a new member of the family!

Use Short-form Video

Tiktok videos, instagram reels, or youtube shorts. Whatever platform you like using, if you’re into creating short-form video, this is an opportunity to use your video editing skills to create a fun baby reveal announcement!

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