9 Baby Nursery Essentials You Need To Have For Baby’s Arrival

You may be at the stage of your pregnancy when you’re seriously trying to prepare the nursery for your new baby coming soon.

1. Baby mattress Whether you plan to have a crib or a floor bed, a baby mattress is essential for putting down baby at night or for a nap.

2. Baby monitor Super essential especially if your house is on the larger side. This is the one we got from Cubo AI and honestly I am obsessed!

3. Diaper pail I love this one from Diaper Genie. The great thing about it is that you can use it for years to come! 

4. Changing table with mobile Whether you get one second hand or brand new, make sure you have your changing table set up and have a mobile.

5. Diaper, wipes and rash cream Keep these items handy on your changing table so that you can easily reach for them when changing diapers.

6. Sound machine You really don’t need a fancy one, and this one by Skip Hop Baby is basic but does the job well!

7. Baby clothing, swaddles and muslin cloths These items are no-brainers, but I have to include it as essentials in your baby nursery.

8. Rocking chair This one is debatable, and I agree that you can survive without a rocking chair.

9. Nursing pillow This is a must! So you and baby can both be comfortable during nursing.

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