tips for healthy grilling 


Maybe you can’t get enough carne asada, you boast of your barbecue skills, or you’re committed to an ­annual Fourth of July cookout. Whatever your menu, a summertime grill session is a ­glorious way to celebrate the season.  


Grill with gas 


The simple reason? Charcoal burns hotter, and cooking with high heat is where the danger lies. Gas grills are also easier to control, so you can fret less about over- or undercooking your meat.

Keep it clean


Charred pieces of food build up on grill grates, drip pans, and burners. Cleaning every part as thoroughly as you can helps remove food debris and prevent smoke, ash, and flare-ups

Grill more plants


You can swap out a T-bone for a cauliflower steak. Or thread segments of corn on the cob, eggplant, and onions (or anything you like) onto a skewer with chunks of tenderloin or chicken

Pick the right protein


Heart-healthy salmon, trout, mackerel, and other fatty fish are excellent choices for the grill.

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