8 Of The Best Baby Blocks For Your Baby’s Development

As parents we are pressured everyday to give the absolute best to our children. We research and try to figure out how to best support our child’s growth and development, and honestly it can be pretty tiring trying to figure it all out!

1. Overall Best Baby Blocks For Its Multi Use/Versatility 2. Best soft baby blocks  3. Best foam baby blocks 4. Best value 5. Best for travel 6. Best magnetic 7. Best interlocking 8. Best aesthetic

What type of blocks is suitable for babies?

Are blocks good for babies?

Believe it or not, wooden blocks are completely safe and suitable for babies.

According to Gentle Nursery, blocks are very good for your baby’s development! They are perfect for baby’s play and gives them the opportunity to be imaginative

What are the best building blocks for toddlers?

When should I buy baby blocks?

The best building blocks for toddler play are those that are made of wood and do not have many frills, bells or whistles.

Usually around 12 month of age, your baby will begin stacking blocks, so this is a great time to introduce blocks to your baby as part of choice of toys.

​​Benefits of playing with blocks

What age can my baby start playing with blocks

There are so many benefits in allowing your baby play with blocks.

You can introduce blocks at any age, but know that their use will be different at each stage. For example, a 6 month old baby

What Can We Build With Blocks?

Why Do Babies Knock Down Blocks?

You can build houses, buildings, towns, bridges, people, animals, monsters! Anything you can imagine!

Babies love to build and knock down blocks, simply because they are learning!

Are blocks Montessori?

Wooden blocks of solid colors and different shapes and sizes are definitely Montessori, as they help in a child’s early development.

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