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8 Non-Physical Traits Men Find Attractive In Women - What Would You Add To This List?

Hidden Talents

Discovering a hidden talent or passion in a woman can be attractive and intriguing. 

Sense of Humor

Having a good sense of humor and being able to laugh at jokes can be a turn-on for many men. 


A kind person is more likely to meet inconveniences or challenges with a degree of levity. 

"I’m choosing the intelligent one every time, because looks are great, but you need more than that, in my opinion." 


"Go hang out with your friends, do whatever your hobby is, just don’t be attached to me like a limpet 24/7." 

Independence and Hobbies

Mindless Rambling

"The ability to engage in mindless rambling. Like having a conversation that starts from no real point and goes nowhere."

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