8 Heartbreaking Things That Killed Friendships Immediately

Refusing to Help In Times of Need

A friend of 20 years refused to help when her friend's husband needed medication after brain surgery.

Narcissistic Behavior

A friend of 14 years was discovered to be a narcissist and was overheard talking behind her friend's back. 

A coworker who caused drama and was lazy eventually lost the respect of their friend, leading to the end of their friendship. 

Workplace Drama

Ignoring a friend's warning about a fiancé led to the fiancé giving an ultimatum, causing the friend to choose their fiancé over their friend. 

Not Listening to Warnings

Dog Attack

The friend did nothing to stop the attack and even reported the victim's dog as the aggressor, leading to the end of their friendship. 

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Floral Pattern

Controlling Behavior

A friend who tried to control their friend's life and interests, and insulted them for not sharing the same interests, led to the end of their friendship. 

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