8 Compelling Reasons Why Those In Long-Term Relationships Did Not Get Married

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If you are not having children, getting married is pointless and potentially dangerous.

Family History

"Not a good family marriage record. I've been with my partner 12 years and I have a fear of marriage." 

"Because it will totally screw up my disability and Medicare if I get married." 

Disability and Medicare Concerns

"We’ve both been married before, but we didn’t like it. Why go out of your way to introduce a new complication into something that’s working?" 

Complication Avoidance

Prioritizing Other Goals

"We have other goals that are notably more important to us than a piece of paper." 

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Floral Pattern

Legal Protections Already in Place

"He’s already my beneficiary, emergency contact, survivorship on things, and father of my children. I don’t see the appeal or need personally." 

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