7 Teachers Share How They Actually Want To Be Thanked on Teacher Appreciation Day 

Teacher Appreciation Day is the Tuesday in the first full week of May (which is Teacher Appreciation Week).

Gift Cards

So giving a teacher a gift card to show appreciation is a great idea. It’s like giving them money without giving them cash. 

Why Mugs Are Not Practical as a Gift for Teachers

So while a mug may seem like an excellent idea, it’s easy for a teacher to get too many. For example, if only half of the students or parents of one class choose a mug, that’s still 12. 

Giving Teacher Thank You Notes

An easy way to thank a teacher is with a thank-you note. And teachers like to hear they are making a difference to a child’s life.

Thank-you Notes vs. Gift Card

A gift card will allow the teacher to buy something for their classroom or a coffee or something else for themselves. Also, a gift card can help them to feel treated.