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30 Easy Lunch Ideas for Kindergarten Kids


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Lunchbox Essentials: What Do You Need in a Kindergarten Lunchbox?

– A good lunchbox or reusable containers – look for dishwasher-safe – Insulated lunch bag to keep food fresh

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Simplifying The Lunch-Packing Process

* Plan on lunch packing in the evening – making mornings easier makes such a huge difference!

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Tips for Picky Eaters 

Lunch is only one part of the day. Your kid can get various nutrition throughout the day; it doesn’t have to all be in their lunch.

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30 Easy Lunch Ideas for Kids!

Sandwiches  Vegetarian Lunch Ideas  Hot Lunch Ideas

Lunch in Tortillas

Chicken or plain cheese quesadilla


Turkey roll-ups  Nut butter and banana roll-ups

Bento Box Lunch

Hummus, veggies, and turkey

Fruit and almond butter

Crackers, cheese, meat, and nuts 


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