14 Super Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Now there are plenty of different ways to announce your pregnancy. But one of the most fun ways of announcing your pregnancy to the world is by using a funny pregnancy announcement!

We Have A Winner

Expecting A Little Turkey

This somehow reminds me of high school when we first found out how and where babies come from.

If your expected date of delivery is around thanksgiving, then this is the best way to announce your pregnancy..


Ice Ice Baby

This is such a funny shirt and makes for the perfect funny pregnancy announcement!

it would be such a clever and funny way to announce that you are expecting an “ice ice ___”!

Food Baby

Upgraded To Milf

Come on, we’ve all said ‘I have a food baby’ right after eating a huge meal

If you do decide to go with this candle to announce your pregnancy, why not pair it with this awesome dad jokes shirt?!

Man Behind The Bump

Best Oops Ever

This is honestly the funniest pregnancy announcement shirt!

I love this onesie! For you mamas that maybe didn’t expect to be preggy, snag this onesie

Vintage Sarcasm

Pregnant Yoga

These sarcastic vintage ladies are hilarious!

This graphic design perfectly encapsulates how it’s like to do prenatal yoga as a pregnant woman.

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