13 Things People Don’t Truly Understand Until They Actually Experience It

Extreme Poverty

“Extreme poverty.” It’s easy to say you empathize with people who experience poverty, but it’s different actually living in poverty.


For those who have never experienced war, it can be difficult to understand the realities of it.

Mental and Chronic Illness

Mental and chronic illnesses can be difficult to understand for those who haven’t experienced them. “People have no idea what it’s like.”

Being with a Loved One When They Pass Away

One person said being with a loved one when they pass away is an extraordinary feeling that you don’t understand unless it actually happens to you. “It’s a profound experience.”

Domestic Abuse 

 Domestic abuse is something that can be difficult to understand until you experience it yourself. One person said, “I never understood fully why women don’t leave until I experienced it.”

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