Does Your Child Hate Vegetables? 10 Ways To Make Your Kids Eat Vegetables

Many children seem to hate eating vegetables. How can you make them eat vegetables?

Roast with Seasoning One person shared that roasting vegetables make them more palatable: “Roast! Broccoli, asparagus, Brussel sprouts are amazing with olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper.”

Chop them up and add them in lasagna Another shared that they chop up the vegetables and add them in lasagna. Once cooked, it’s like they were never there at all.

Try preparing them in different ways Variety is key. One parent says their son eats vegetables because they prepare them in a variety of ways.

Start giving them a variety of vegetables at 6 months old Starting of your child with vegetables at a young age makes them more accustomed to eating vegetables as they grow older.

Tell them it will make them fart more One person who was not a parent shared their own advice as someone who used to work at a daycare.

Don’t just boil and mash the vegetables

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Unpopular advice: Don’t give them anything else

Blend them in other foods

Involve your child in the process

Wait until they are very hungry

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Does Your Child Hate Vegetables? 10 Ways To Make Your Kids Eat Vegetables?