10 Unique Challenges Gen X And Boomers Face As They Get Older

Job Stability and Constant Training

Changing jobs or anything that affects stability can be a concern, and constant training is necessary to stay in your position.

Accumulated Responsibilities

Things you've accumulated, such as children, houses, and investments, have to be paid for and engaged with when you have less energy. 

Retirement money becomes a concern as you get closer to retirement age. 

Retirement Money

"You think you are very progressive and you may be, but people younger than you are more progressive and it's hard to adjust." 

Feeling Out Of Touch


Feeling out of touch with younger people and dealing with ageism in the workplace can be a challenge. 

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Feeling Like You're Starting Over

Some say that they feel like they set themselves up badly and that they need to start over at 40. 

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