10 Shocking Dirty Little Industry Secrets Most People Never Figure Out

Fake Weight in Lipsticks

Some cosmetic companies put little weights in lipsticks to make them feel more expensive, so they can charge more.

Unprepared Professors

If it's the first time a professor is teaching a course, there's a good chance they're just one lecture ahead of the rest of the class. 

Nobody who actually sorts mail cares about your package. The word "fragile" doesn't stop them from throwing it 20ft into a metal container. 

Careless Mail Sorters

When the health inspector shows up , there's a mad scramble to clean the kitchen while they start the inspection in the dining/bar area of the restaurant. 

Cleaning Up for Inspections

Excel Runs the Country

In many industries, Microsoft Excel is the backbone of their operations. 

Floral Pattern
Floral Pattern

Locksmith Showmanship

Locksmiths can get into any lock/door within 30 seconds, but all the posturing and bringing out an impressive toolkit and hammer drill is just showmanship to prolong the call-out. 

Black Section Separator

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