10 Pregnant Women Share Cravings They Just Can't Control - No Matter How They Try


"For me, Cheez-itz. 27 weeks and this baby is made of those damn crackers. I swear we buy a box a week."

Rotisserie Chicken

"Also, rotisserie chicken. Not a guilty pleasure, but I’ve had a lot of it." 

"Bagels. So many bagels" 


"I’m no longer pregnant, baby is 4.5 months now but I ate so many bean burritos from Taco Bell. At least 6 to 9 per week. This baby is 95% beans 

Bean Burritos


"ALL the cereal! I hadn't eaten cereal for over a decade before I got pregnant and now I'm all over it." 

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Floral Pattern

Carbs and Sweet

"I’ve been craving carbs and sweets. Mac and cheese, grilled cheese, pasta with pesto, Rice Krispie treats, cereal, bagel bites." 

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