10 People Share How They Knew They Were Ready to Have Babies

One person shared that they knew they were ready when they realized that "what I would gain started to outweigh what I would have to give up." 

Gain Outweighed Other Thing

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Palm Tree

Relationship Stability

Others feel ready when they're in a stable relationship. "I felt very secure in my relationship. My husband and I had traveled the world and been married for a few years."...

Biological Urge 

For others, it's the biological urge that swayed them. "I never "knew" I was ready. But I no longer felt I had more partying and enjoying of child-free life to do and I just had a massive biological urge for a child." 

Resilience and Acceptance

Having a child requires resilience and the ability to face difficult situations. One person shared, "What you need in order to be ready for kids is resilience to face difficult situations...."

Age and Life Planning

Someone else said what swayed them to try for a child is their age. "To be honest, my age. I’ll be 30 soon and my husband is 5 years older than me...."

Financial Stability 

One respondent said, "we’ve been married for 4 years, together for 9. We are good financially and our relationship is very healthy. And ultimately, we both want children now" 

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