10 Male Behaviors That Will Lead Them to Be Perpetually Single

Critiquing Women's Bodies

"Critiquing actual supermodels and Hollywood starlets for the tiniest physical imperfections while..."

Bad Hygiene

"Bad hygiene. The number of woman who have things written on their dating profiles along the lines of “must be someone who brushes their teeth” is pretty impressive." 

Alpha Male Syndrome

"Stating they’re an “alpha male” and calling other men “betas.” You’re not special bro. 

Being Inauthentic

"When they are overly nice to women that they want to pick up and doing things like saying what he thinks she wants to hear, paying extreme attention, pretending to be a feminist etc..."

Body Shaming

"Being really offended by things that occur naturally on women’s bodies like stretch marks, cellulite, sagging, body hair, etc..."

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