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10 Horrifying Times People Realized They Are No Longer Young

Cat Older Than Student

One person said, "My childhood cat lived to 21.5 so teaching freshman biology lab became very weird when I realized my cat was older than my students." 

Age Gap at Work

Working with people much younger than you can highlight the age gap 

Physical Limitations

When people become overly concerned about your health after a fall, you just know you've crossed that threshold. 

A preschool teacher said, "It's been a trip to watch parents go from so much older than me, to the same age as me, and now they're younger than me!?!?" 

Parenting Moments

"A new young male co-worker recently asked what app I met my husband on. I told him I met him at a summer camp 15 years ago." 

Dating Differences

Keeping Up With Trends

One person said that they overheard a coworker talking about how he can't stand when people are 35 and trying to keep up with fashion and style. 

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